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All information and pictures are the copyright of Barry Strohm and may not be reproduced for any purpose
A talking board is a device that allows an individual to have direct communication with their spirit guides.  The board will have the letters of the alphabet, numbers and several phrases such as yes, no and goodbye.  Two persons will place their fingers on a pointer or planchette and the spirit energy will move the pointer to spell out the message one letter at a time.  The Oiuja Board is a type of talking board.  
This is the talking board used by the Ninth House Bookstore, located at 3443 South State Street in Salt Lake City, UT. The folks there have been channeling for 40 years using a custom designed talking board to which they hold a copyright. 
In the above picture, I try my hand, or in this case finger, at the talking board.  The glass spelled the word "money" and then "good bye".   I hope at least the money part is true.  The glass truly moves on it's own as I was making an effort not to push the glass in any way.