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Orbs are the personification of the human soul.  The understanding of spirit orbs is the first step to comprehending the amazing dimension of the after life.  Many "experts" in the paranormal state that orbs are easily explainable phenomonon.  We invite those experts to explain the following images of spirit orbs.
Many orbs exhibit the facial images of the soul while the individual was in the life plane.
Orbs can change form very rapidly.  In these photographs, the orb changes from neon blue to light emitting.  These pictures were taken less than 2 seconds apart from hand held cameras.
This orb peers from behind a tree limb.  Skeptics will have a hard time explaining this one.
Orbs travel at a very high rate of speed.  This orb on the Gettysburg Battle Field traveled over 30 ft in the 1/60th of a second the camera lens was open.
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