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The following is a quote from a spirit guide concerning the life review. "Each spirit that crosses over has a total life experience of every individual that they have touched in their life, regardless if it's just someone crossing the street, someone they see from a distance, every individual that has somehow touched them or those that they have touched. They will have a life review of what that experience was for them. These individuals that just created such destruction will experience what each one of those people that died experienced. They will see the pain, the confusion and agony and they will experience that for each one of those individuals that they destroyed. Their life review will be far more painful than the average individual for they will also see the pain they have created to their families as well as their victim's families." 
According to the spirit guides, upon death an individual passed through a tunnel with a light at the end that marks the entry point into a muli dimensional universe under the authority of the one God.  This Universe is what indiviauals in the life plane describe as "Heaven".  Upon entry, each individual will undergo a review of his or her life to help the soul understand the lesssons learned while in the life plane.