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A ghost is a soul that is afraid to let go or wishes to take up death residence on the Earth plane.  They may have a mission given to them to visit friends or relatives with a message from the Divine presence.  It can be a message of love, warning or instruction.  They may have unfinished business to pursue in the life plane.  They may have died in trauma such as war or battle.  Anger may keep them from following the light and the path to heaven.  Animal souls may also appear as ghosts because they do not want to leave the masters that loved them in life.
This picture shows examples of two types of ghosts.  While the man in the center of the image is real, a full bodied apparition looks over his left shoulder.  Another ghost in the form of a  cloud of ectoplasm looks over his right shoulder.  This picture was taken at the Golden Lane Antique and Art Gallery in New Oxford, PA.
A ghost can take many forms when re-apearing in the earth plane.  Most of the time they will be in the form of spirit orbs but they can also be seen in ectoplasm when not in full body form.  Indication there may be  ghost present can be a sudden drop in temperature, a sound such as a thump or a door closing, a smell or a fleetng object see out of the corner of your eye.
This ghost in the form of a blue spirit orb displays the face of a woman
The ectoplasm figure of a horse rears up while the head of the rider can be seen hanging on the neck.
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