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An ectoplasm, also referred as ecto-mist, is a rapidly moving cloud that often displays spiritual shapes or forms.  It is often white in color but can be multicolored or even reddish.  In most instances the cloud moves and changes shape very rapidly.
These images were taken less than 2 seconds apart on a hand held camera.  Note that the ectoplasm cloud and orbs do not appear in the bottom photo.
The lower image shows two monuments on the Gettysburg Battle Field on the lower angle, the scene of Pickett's Charge.  Note that the ectoplasm has formed a cross from the spire of the monument.  If you look closely, you can make out a face at the top of the cross.
Not all ectoplasms are white or gray in color.  This cloud is an unusual red in color.  If you look closely, there are several facial images in the cloud.
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