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CLAIRVOYANT - A person with the ability to see in the mind's eye people and things in another dimension. It is a gift that allows an individual to see and converse with the spirits of the deceased, spirit guides or even angels.
All information and pictures are the copyright of Barry Strohm and may not be reproduced for any purpose
A medium channels with a Union soldier on the Wheat Field at Gettysburg.  She is actually walking with him on guard duty.  When asked why he has not passed over, the soldier answered that his brother fought here and he was still trying to fined out what happened to him.  A classic instance of unfinished business.
In this image the apparition of a Confederate soldier looks toward the camera.  In my book "Hanting and History of the Battle of Gettysburg", I tell the story of how a clairvoyant got the name of the soldier, a lieutenant of cavalry.  I researched the name and found his grave in South Carolina.  Spirit communications are real and can usually be proven correct by modern research.