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An apparition is a supernatural appearance of a person or thing.  It can manifest itself in many forms. The soul can come back as a solid form as it was in life, a shadow form, a partial form or a shape in a mist of ectoplasm.  Apparitions can come and go in a wink of the eye or move about in the life plane.  
Full Bodied Apparition
A confederate soldier from the Battle of Gettysburg stands by a fence in the Peach Orchard.  This image was taken with flash.  Note that the rails of the fence cannot be seen through the solid bodied apparition.
A full bodied apparition looks over the shoulder of  a paranormal investigator at Golden Lane 
Antique Gallery in New Oxford, PA.
Shadow Figure
A shadow figure walks along the fence on the Gettysburg Battle Field along Wheat Field Road
A shadow figure peers from the wood on the Gettysburg Battle Field in the vicinity of Reynolds Woods.
Ectoplasm Figures
An ectoplasm fgure is photographed in a bayoned charge in front of the monument to the 24th Michigan of the Iron Brigade on the Gettysburg Battle Field
This photograph shows the ectoplasm figure of a Union Color Bearer in Reynolds Woods on the Gettysburg Battle Field.
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