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Animals have souls and can return to the life plane as what we refer to as ghosts.  The following pictures show the actual images of animal spirits.  Transcripts from spirit guides indicate that beloved pets will be there when death comes and your soul leaves the life plane.  
If you look closely at this spirit orb you will see the face of a dog.  The image was taken in Spangler Meadow on the Gettysburg Battle Field near the spot where the 1st Maryland CSA lost their canaine mascot named "Grace" in a bloody charge.  I have photographed this ghost dog in the same location on numerous occassions.
In the picture above, a ghost dog peers over the embankment and looks at the camera.  Notice that the eyes do not reflect light, it is defintely a ghost dog.  I have photographed this same dog in different locations and in a channeling session was informed that "yes, the dog follows you around"
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