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Learn About the Spirit World Around Us
Our goal is to provide factual information about the world of the paranormal.  Where possible we use actual photographs and transcripts obtained from spirit guides in channeling sessions to add insight to the incredible spirit world around us.   
At a channeling session in Salt Lake City, my spirit guide told me to take my paranormal classes world wide.  This web site is in response to the request of my guide.  All the opinions included on this site are my own formulated as a result of my experiences with the paranormal, research and direct contact with my spirit guides.
  All non believers need to go no farther. 
As the owner of one of the most haunted businesses in the Country, Golden Lane Antique and Art Gallery in New Oxford, PA, I live with ghosts every day.  We conduct ghost tours where we guarantee the participant will view paranormal activity.  In addition, I have written a book entitled "Haunting and History of the Battle of Gettysburg" in which I published over 210 color paranormal pictures of the Gettysburg Battle Field.  
This Site Includes Many Photographs Never Before Published, Please Enjoy Them,
All information and pictures are the copyright of Barry Strohm and may not be reproduced for any purpose